Buying a home is a big deal, whether you’re doing it for the first time or getting back into the ever-changing market. When you educate yourself for smart homeownership with Framework, you’ll navigate every step of the process with confidence. The Framework course is affordable too: just $75.

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Smart homeownership starts here.

Framework’s homebuyer ed course is accepted by most lenders and down-payment assistance programs that require homebuyer education. It meets HUD guidelines and exceeds National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling.

Everything you need to know

The Framework homebuyer course is the most comprehensive around. In fact, it meets HUD guidelines and exceeds the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education.

The power of confidence

Knowledge really is power. The power to protect yourself as a consumer, do what’s best for you, and make your dream of homeownership come true.

It works on your phone

Mobile-optimized design lets you learn on your smartphone or tablet. So you can fit the course whenever and wherever you need to.

Efficient for your busy life

The Framework course breaks homebuying down into bite-sized topics, and it’s so organized and intuitive, most people finish in just a few hours.

Big bang for your buck

When you complete the course, you get Smart Start, Framework’s education series for new homeowners. It’s delivered to your inbox each month, for free.

Certificate of completion

Cuando termines el curso, también recibirás noticias, información y consejos para los nuevos propietarios. Se envían a tu bandeja de entrada desde Keep by FrameworkTM, de forma gratuita.